Although much of the area is laid to grass there are a number of interesting features to discover. The most obvious one is our magnificent Cedar of Lebanon. We do not know exactly how old this is but it is certainly one of the oldest and largest in the country.

Western Side

On the western edge of the property there is a ha-ha – designed to keep deer out of the garden while still allowing an uninterrupted view of the Hambleden valley. These days the deer have found another way to get in and you will often see them in the grounds at dusk. Behind the walled garden there is a formal garden, which in the house’s heyday was probably a rose garden, but that was when the deer (who like nothing better than to dine on a tasty rose bush) were kept out, so it has now been made into a sensory garden by a local youth project, stocked with aromatic plants which have less appeal to wildlife.

South Side

On the South side of the garden you will find our orchard, the source of the tasty apple crumble which you may have just enjoyed and of the St. Katharine’s apple juice which we produce and sell in the years when we have surplus crop. Behind this is a small cemetery where the sisters of the order of St. Katharine and their pets are buried.

Also on the southern boundary is a large sunken garden, which awaits restoration. This started life as an ornamental lake which Lord Parmoor had dug during the Depression as a work-creation project. However, when it was completed it attracted a large number of frogs and the noise they made annoyed people so much that it was drained and turned into a sunken garden instead!

Duck Pond

If you arrive at St. Katharine’s from the Hambleden direction you will pass our duckpond. The source of the water in this pond is something of a mystery as its level does not necessarily reflect recent rainfall, but this doesn’t seem to bother the ducks who also enjoy taking an occasional stroll around the grounds.


There is an abundance of wildlife in the grounds; as well as the aforementioned deer and muntjac you will almost certainly see Red Kites circling above you and rabbits scurrying about. You may catch sight of a fox and the molehills are testament to our underground visitors – so beware of dips and holes when you are walking across the grass.

Wildlife havens and ornamental gardens do not go well together so we do not have extensive flower beds, however in summer our gardener puts all his effort into hanging baskets and window boxes providing lots of colour which is hopefully out of reach of our four legged visitors.

Thank you so much for everything that you and your team did for our family yesterday. Everything went so smoothly and everyone said what a wonderful venue St Katharine's was both in terms of food and venue. Your team were absolutely outstanding and made the day very easy for us.

CM - Feb 2020

Thank you for a wonderful stay. It was perfect. The memorial garden is wonderful and so good to have time to sit and appreciate the atmosphere.


Just wanted to thank you for the lovely day we spent on Saturday. I felt very welcome, the food was delicious and the grounds were so peaceful. It was really good to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few hours. Please convey my thanks to all who were involved. May God bless you all

J.K. London 2022

Stunning house and gardens both are beautifully cared for. Staff were wonderful and vegan food was delicious. Thank you for a wonderful day.

Melissa - Sept 2022

Just a short note of thanks for my wonderful day at St. Katherine's yesterday. It was such a fruitful and blessed time with God. Please pass on my thanks for the warmth of the welcome. I look forward to booking another day with you in the future and will be in touch then.

Sheila - April 2022

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for a wonderful retreat weekend. Everything was just lovely - the location, the accommodation and the food. It was a truly refreshing time and having everything arranged so perfectly meant that there were no distractions to relaxing and hearing from God

Rachel - April 2022

Just wanted to thank you for the lovely day we spent on Saturday. I felt very welcome, the food was delicious and the grounds were so peaceful. It was really good to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few hours.

Jenny - March 2022

Many thanks to all those who made our retreat such a success. Peaceful surroundings with ideal facilities and great hospitality made for a memorable time.

VW - Nov 22

We had a marvellous time last week. The house is so clean and tidy and beautifully supportive of quiet yet productive prayer. It is a credit to you all.

LD - Nov 22

I was with you today for the Deanery Retreat Day and it was so lovely to be there, and we were so well looked after – thank you so much!

JD - Nov 22

It was a WONDERFUL venue and we very much enjoyed meeting you, and were blessed by the amazing hospitality by you and your team. Thank you so much.

DH - Dec 2022

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation for my two day stay last week. The meals were all great and my stay was a real help to me and I hope to be coming back again in the next few months.

TP - Feb 2023

Thanks for letting us use St Katherine's this last couple of days. We had a lovely time and were very well looked after. The ladies really loved being there and felt very much that they had got away from the stresses of everyday life.

RM - March 2023

Thank you for a super day on Saturday. There has only been positive feedback from everyone. We were well looked after by your catering team. The Prayer Room worked well - and the sun came out in the afternoon, so the team up top also doing marvellous work.

LW - March 2023

A huge thanks for a WONDERFUL time at our men's weekend away.

SB - March 2023

We had a wonderful day in so many ways. Loved the food and the setting, the sense of space and peace there is so tangible.

SW - May 2023